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How to Find Post Links on Tumblr Dashboard

This tutorial is of help to those who have been spending a lot of time in the useless search of links or permanent links on their Tumblr Dashboard for some particular post and still face the disappointment of not being able to find them there.

A new user usually finds it difficult to look for the direct link, also known as the permalinks to posts on the jam-packed Tumblr Dashboard. Not to worry anymore since the feature is always there but one can only spot it after hovering your cursor over it.

How to Find Post Links on Tumblr Dashboard

  1. Go to the post for which you need the link. Hover the cursor on the top right side. It will get visible so just click on the icon and you will be directed to post’s page.

tumblr post permanent link

tumblr post permanent link page

That was easy wasn’t it. Do have a look at other useful Tumblr tips and tricks to make your Tumblr experience more worthwhile.


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