How To View Page Source On Safari In An iPhone or iPad

Some users from time to time have a need to view page source of certain websites. However, mobile Safari i.e. the default browser for iPhone and iPad does not include the feature to view page source. However, there is a bookmarklet that can enable you to view source of any webpage from an iPhone or iPad. The bookmarklet has been created by In this article we will explain how to view page source on Safari in an iPhone or iPad.


How To View Page Source On Safari In An iPhone or iPad

In order to view page source on Safari in an iPhone or iPad, perform the following steps:

  • Bookmark this page or any other page on Mobile Safari in iPhone or iPad and rename it to be ‘View Source’.
  • The bookmarklet is available on this link. View it and select the entire javascript.
  • Tap on the bookmark icon in Safari and tap ‘Edit’.
  • Tap on the bookmark that you saved in the first step.
  • Paste the javascript code from the second step into the URL bar and tapping ‘Done’.
  • Whenever you want to view the source of a web page, open the Bookmarks menu and tap on the ‘View Source’ bookmark. This will enable you to see the source code in highlighted syntax along with source urls that you can click on.

The only caveat in this entire process is that whenever you click on view source the page is sent to server for processing. This will normally not be a problem, however, if you want to protect your privacy you can try out some other mechanisms.

via osxdaily

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