How to Disable Smart Screen Filter In Windows 8

Disable Windows Smart screen

Internet Explorer has a Smart Screen filter that stops users from opening any unrecognized programs. With Window 8, the IE Smart Screen filter has now been expanded to the entire OS. However, the filter can become quiet annoying specially if you are an experienced user and know what you are doing. In this article we will explain how to disable Smart Screen filter in Windows 8.

How to Disable Smart Screen Filter In Windows 8

1. Click on Control Panel from the Metro App List.

Disable Windows Smart screen

2. Now click on “System and Security”.

Disable Windows Smart screen

3. From the System and Settings, click on “Action Center”.

Disable Windows Smart screen

4. Within the Action Center, expand the security list and scroll down to Smart Screen Options. Within this section, click on “Change Settings”.Disable Windows Smart screen

5. Provide your computer password, if prompted.

6. Now select the “Turn Off Windows SmartScreen” and click OK.

Disable Windows Smart screen

That’s it, your Windows 8 Smart Screen filter would now be disabled.

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