How To Block Spam Calls And Send Out Automated SMS Replies From Android

Recently, the cases of spam, cold calls and on call harassment increases with the advancement in technology. With all details available online, it is now very easy for hackers to obtain a person’s personal information and contact details.

Technology gurus consider Android and iOS  as world’s most popular mobile device platforms but both are unable to offer much in terms of security, blocking prank, filtering prank, ad, or any unwanted conversation. If someone is trying to prank you or is irritating you with cold calls, you cannot do much about them with Android or iOS devices. The only thing you can do is to contact your network and set up a block remotely for inbound number.

root call blocker

You may find the process lengthy and excessive, and you may be searching for any easy and short process for blocking spam calls on your Android device, if this is the case, you can download and install apps like “Root Call Blocker“.Block Unwanted Calls


The name “Root Call Blocker” itself indicates that the app requires access to the root of your device. Once you allow an access to root for this app, you can then enjoy an exceptional blocking and filtering system that controls both calls and SMS. The root access allows the app to endure 100% blocking of the unwanted calls all the time silently on your device. You can select between the options whether you want the app to notify you when blocking a caller number or do it silently without disturbing you. You can configure different settings for different caller numbers that you want to block.

Block Unwanted Calls


The app allows you to choose from the five reject methods in total, that includes basic “Don’t Answer” option as well as an option to send a pre-meditated, automated SMS reply. You can use a trial version of the app as a start but it will only allow one item, while you can buy the Pro iteration for $5. The purchased app offers unlimited access to all of the features that any other app can offer.

This app may be another reason that makes you root your Android. We all wish that the apps like “Root Call Blocker” can become a staple part of all mobile’s OS system by default. The news is there that the new versions of iOS and Android may include feature-packed blockers in new smart phones but for now, “Root Call Blocker” can do more than good for us in order to get rid of unwanted callers and spammers.

Let us know about your experience with any other call blocker app and provide us with your feedback about our blog in the comments below!!

  • Download Root Call Blocker Free for Android (Google Play Link)
  • Download Root Call Blocker Pro for Android (Google Play Link)

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