How to set up iMessage on iPad 3


For those of you who are fond of sending messages to their friends and family regularly, iMessage is an ideal app for you. With iMessages, your new iPad can now send and receive SMS just like text messages. iMessages also allow you to send multimedia messages just like you send MMS from your phone. The only difference is that iMessages use email address while phone use phone numbers. With iMessages, you can only send messages to only Apple devices like other iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and the recently released Mac beta. You can start with setting it up on your iPad. Once you set it up, you can send texts, videos, voice memos, photos, locations, and contact cards.

How to check and see if iMessage is already set up

There is a chance that iMessages may be automatically installed on your iPad, if you set up your new iPad using iCloud. In such case, iMessage will turn on automatically and will be configured for you using your iCloud email address.

  • Launch the Messages app

If the iMessage is installed on your device automatically, the following screen will appear on your device. You can now pick any Contact to message that has an iOS device and you’re good to go.

set up imessages on new ipad

How to set up iMessage

You have to set up iMessage for your iPad on your own if it is not automatically installed, or if you want to use new Apple ID for already configured iMessage. As many people prefer to use different Apple IDs for iMessage for their family and work. Some do not use same Apple ID on multiple iOS devices. In this case, you need to set up iMessage on all of your devices with different Apple ID.

The Apple ID you need to use for iMessage can be your iTunes ID or your iCloud ID. You can use both for using iMessage. If you are setting up iMessage on your device, but you do not have an Apple ID, than you have to create one first.

Some people prefer to use same Apple ID on all of their iOS devices for iMessage. If you use same Apple ID on all of your devices, all of your devices will get the same iMessages at the same time. For example, with same Apple ID for your  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac, all devices will show you same messages. If you want different iMessage account on all of your devices, make sure to use different accounts and sign in with different Apple ID on separate devices.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the Messages option available on the sidebar on the left.
  3. If iMessage is OFF, Toggle it to ON. set up imessages on new ipad
  4. There is another option, “Send Read Receipts” available there. If you want that your friends should be notified once you read their messages, you can Toggle this option to ON.
  5. Tap “Receive AT” if you want to add additional email address to your iMessage account or  if you want to change the email address associated with your iMessage account. You can make it “Work” or “Home”.set up imessages on new ipad
  6. If it is an existing Apple ID. You’ll need to Login to the new address. In other case,  you will be asked to register it with them as an Apple ID.set up imessages on new ipad
  7. If you are comfortable with email-style subject line while writing texts, you can use the same format in iMessages. Just Toggle “Show Subject Field” to ON if it is OFF.

How to activate iMessage

You need to activate your iMessage account when you connect to the Apple’s servers (iMessage run on Apple’s servers) for the first time. At the Apple server, your iMessage account will be registered to your iPad’s Apple ID. As soon as you log in to iMessage with your Apple ID, you account is updated with the same Apple ID at Apple’s server. You may have to provide the same info again if the connection with server is lost due to any reason.set up imessages on new ipad

During activation of your account you may face problems with the iMessage as it stuck some time. If you face such situation, wait for a few minutes and then try the following steps for activation:

  1. Turn iMessage OFF and ON again and wait for few minutes.
  2. Go to “Airplane Mode” and turn it OFF and ON. After this,  turn iMessage OFF and ON once again. You can now wait a few minutes before logging into your iMessage account.
  3. After making sure that your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi, reboot your iPad and then turn iMessage OFF and ON once again. Now, wait for few minutes before retrying for activation.
  4. You can also wait for sometime and then try again after few minutes or hours. Sometime, Apple’s servers get overwhelmed or experience outages just like other servers in load situations.

This is it. I hope that you have successfully configured and activated iMessage on your iPad now. Now, feel free to enjoy SMS and MMS on your iPad by sending and receiving texts and multimedia messages with other Apple users.

If you have any query about the tutorial, feel free to ask us. Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!!

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