How to Edit, Record and Trim Videos on iPad 3


The new built-in camera in iPad 3 allows users to record 1080p video and shoot 5 megapixel photos. Both photos and video quality are excellent and better than the quality of built-in cameras in older versions. The new iPad also allows you to use built-in Photos app to trim your videos right on your iPad. If you want to do some additional editing with your high quality video, you can always use some excellent video editing apps available at App Store.

How to record video

  1. It is very simple to record a video using your ipad.
  2. Go to Home screen > Camera app.
  3. You can Toggle to switch between video or photo mode at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Make sure to Toggle it to right under the video icon, now you can use your camera for video recording.
  4. You have to decide between using the front, FaceTime Camera or the rear, iSight Camera. You can switch between the two cameras by using a button just beside the video icon.
  5. To make sure nothing obstruct the view of the camera, alway hold the iPad with the home button on the right while recording a video.
  6. On your screen, you can see a record button just next to the home button. When you are ready to record your video, tap on the record button and your iPad will start recording. When you want to stop recording video, tap the button again.
  7. You can tap the thumbnail in the lower left corner to watch the video you just recorded. If you want to watch it later, you can always find the video in your “Camera Roll” in the Photos app.

How to Trim a Video

The new iPad also includes the basic editing ability of trimming your videos. Remember, you can only do basic trimming and if you want to use some advance trimming features, you may have to install 3rd Party apps on App Store. For trimming on your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Select Video. To select a video, you can  go to Camera Roll in the Photos app from where you can tap a video to edit. You can also tap the thumbnail on Camera app after recording a video to select it.
  2. Edit Bar. You must see an edit bar at the top of your screen, if not you can always tap on the screen anywhere to view it.
  3. Video Timeline. You can see a timeline for your video in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the screen. You can also see a cursor in the middle that indicates the part of the video you’re watching.
  4. Use Handles. You can see little Handles at the end of the gray border surrounding the timeline. Tap any of the handle you want to use.
  5. Drag Handle. As soon as you tap on any handle, the border will turn yellow that indicates that you can move the handle anywhere along your timeline.
  6. Zoom In. To Zoom in to the timeline for more precision, you can hold your finger down on one of the handles .
  7. Preview. After adjusting your handles as desired, you can preview your selection on video by tapping the play button to the left of the timeline.
  8. Trim Your Video. If you are satisfied with your preview, you can tap Trim in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  9. Save Your Trimmed Video. A pop up will appear on your screen asking if you want to Save as a New Clip or Trim Original. Select whatever you like.

How to Edit Your VideosiMovie-hero

If you want to use additional editing, add titles or transitions, or want to be more creative with your videos before uploading, you can use other Apple apps like iMovie or Avid Studio on your iPad.

How to share your videosHow-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-your-new-iPad

Your new iPad makes it really easy for you to share your video in number of different ways once you finalize your video for upload.

  1. You can sync videos in your Camera Roll with iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. Once there, you can do anything with your video on your computer.
  2. If you want to view your video on full screen on your Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly beam them to your big screen HDTV.
  3. You can do the same by plugging your iPad directly to your HDTV using Apple HDMI. You can also use the adapter with the display that has HDMI ports.
  4. If you want to upload your videos to YouTube or Facebook, you can do this by following simple steps described in our post.

I hope you will find this post helpful. Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!!

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