How to Root Huawei Ideos X6 U9000 Android Phone


The Huawei X6 is an affordable device that is fast and offers many features to its users. The device comes with a 4.1-inch display and a 1GHz Scorpion. Once rooted, you can gain a lot and can take advantage of all the free apps available only for the rooted phones.

I.  Files to Download

  1. Recovery image.
  2. Superuser binary files.

II.  Rooting the Ideos X6

  1. To start with, you need to put your device into download mode after powering it down. You can put your device into the download mode by holding the Volume Up button and press the Power button until you get a black screen. The message will display on your screen saying “Incoming Download Mode”.
  2. You need to connect the U9000 to your Windows PC.  Your PC will detect the device as a USB drive.
  3. Once the device is detected by your PC, find a folder called Images. Create a back up of the folder by copying the folder data to somewhere else on your PC.
  4. You can now extract a file name “” to a new folder on your desktop.
  5. From the new folder you just created on your desktop by extracting recovery_menu_v1-, copy all content including the META-INF folder and the recovery.img file to the Images folder on the USB drive. The dialogue box will appear on your screen to confirm replacement of recovery.img file, click OK to replace the original image.
  6. Now, you need to copy the file to the root folder of the USB drive. Make sure that the file is copied to the topmost folder of the USB drive, not within any folders.
  7. After copying the files, disconnect the device from your PC.
  8. Once disconnected, remove the battery of your device and put it back in after a few seconds.
  9. Hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and press Power until the device vibrates.  After that, continue to hold the Volume Up button until the device boots into recovery.
  10. Go to recover menu and select Install Zip from SD.  Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to move between the options and the Search button to select an option.
  11. Find the and select it to run.
  12. Once it is complete, reboot your device.

This is it!! Your Ideos X6 should now be ROOTED!! You can now use the Root Checker app to confirm root access. You can also run any app that requires root permissions to check if your device is properly rooted.

Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!!

via TheUnlockr

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