How to View History of All Browsers at one Place

Internet browsers allows the users to easily view browsing history as well as already visited URls, but you cannot have the access to it while browsing in a private or incognito browser. Everyone uses multiple browsers on their PCs as per their flexibility, and when you want to search the particular website you visited yesterday and forget which browser you used, then it will be whole lot difficult for you to search all the multiple browsers. A freeware tool name History Viewer is a simple and timesaving app that can retrieve the history of all the popular browsers. The app even makes Windows search history easier to use and view them.

The apps works effectively with browsers like IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome and also on Windows search history and recent documents. You can view visited websites, opened files, viewed movies or images, and everything you did on your PC. It will help you to view Windows-specific traces such as recent documents, search history and run history, the open/save history, and the “last visited” history.  It can even let you view the “First Folder” and “Typed paths” histories in Windows 7.

The History Viewer app will help you view the entire web history stored  on the multiple browsers like:

  1. Internet Explorer -URL history, address bar, Cookies and index.dat files
  2. Mozilla Firefox- URL history, Downloads and Cookies
  3. Google Chrome -URL history, cookies and downloads

You need to just double-click on any particular item in the history sheet and the website will open in the default browser. You can even export the history into HTML format via History Viewer app.

Download History Viewer

via nirmaltv

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