How to Add Push Alerts to Sparrow for iPhone with Boxcar

Boxcar is an extremely popular push alert app that is skilled of providing push alerts for a healthy list of different apps and services. If you know this valuable app, then you must also know the most important features of Boxcar i.e. the capability of customizing the app to open with each alert. Say for example you are using a Twitter App without the push capability. In that case you can use Boxcar to alert you whenever there is a new tweet and you can also configure Boxcar to open the Twitter app instead of Boxcar.

Boxcar has recently integrated push-alerts, an essential e-mail capability, for Sparrow. It is great to hear as there was no push alerts in Sparrow and it only seems appropriate for Boxcar to integrate Sparrow into its e-mail alerts.

  1. To get started, all you need to do is to download the free Boxcar app from the App Store.

  1. Now, you have to add the e-mail service to your Boxcar account. Just scroll down to service lists until you stumble upon the E-mail Account option. Select it.
  1. You need to change the Opens section to Sparrow from Boxcar. You can even change the alert sound as well as alert style. The default alert style shows the full e-mail in the alert. If you like more privacy in the notifications, then ensure that you change it.
  2. Remember to save the setting when you are done tweaking.  An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. The email will guide you with the instructions to set up Boxcar e-mail alerts. The e-mail will provide you unique e-mail address to set up your alerts. Now go to the e-mail account settings and forward incoming e-mails to the Boxcar address.  If you receive huge volume of e-mails every now and then, you can also set up e-mail filters to only forward e-mails based on specific sender or subject.
  1. That is it, you are done setting up forwarding to your Boxcar email address. We suggest you to do a dry run with one of your friend and if you have configured everything right your will receive a Boxcar alert that will open into Sparrow.

If you are tired of forwarding your e-mails to Boxcar, then there is no other option. However, if it makes you feel any better, Boxcar only keeps the sender and subject line of any e-mail forwarded to the service. Nevertheless, it is not a flawless solution, as it requires additional steps but still an ideal app for those users who cannot live without push.

via CNET

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