Five Tips to Increase Your Kindle Fire Battery Life

increase  Kindle Fire's battery lifeOne of the worst things that could ever happen to Kindle Fire owners is having their digital companion lose power. The battery life of the tablet does not seem to have as much juice in it when you keep running apps and music in the background while browsing or reading.

The 8 hours of battery life listed on Amazon largely depends on how much you use it. Carrying a charger everywhere is not the only solution. Here are five tips to increase your kindle fire battery life:

  1. Turn the Wi-Fi off. The Kindle Fire has shortcuts to important features such as the Wi-Fi settings. There is an icon that looks like a gear at the top that lets you switch your Wi-Fi on or off. It will save more power if you disable it when you are not using the Internet.
  2. Do a charge cycle once a month. The Kindle has a lithium ion battery that could use a charge cycle to keep it efficient. It’s a simple task that helps prolong the quality of a battery. This is done by draining the battery completely and then charging it until it is full again. It is best to make a note of it in your calendar to remind yourself.
  3. Dial down the brightness. An obvious choice. The settings to this are available in the settings toolbar, similar to what you did for the Wi-Fi settings. Give the settings icon a tap and slide the bar to lower the brightness. Find a setting that is comfortable to your eyes, especially during daytime. You can still switch to the maximum brightness if needed.
  4. Not too hot and not too cold. Lithium batteries have a reputation of being averse to temperatures in the extremes. Room temperature is best. Don’t store it somewhere that can be too hot while being ice cold is not as bad. Kindle seem to have a shorter battery life in colder environments but go back to normal levels when it is warmer.
  5. Observe your apps and how much power they consume. There are apps out there that keep running in the background and drain your Fire’s power even when not being used. To do a quick check, get the Badass Battery Monitor from the app store. It’s free. Install, run and click “App Usage”. It will show you the apps that you have along with the power they consume.
we hope these tips will help in efficient battery usage on your Kindle Fire. Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

via CNET

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