How to Search Inside Any File Using Windows Search

search for text insideWho doesn’t rely on Windows Search to find files and open programs? The problem is that when searching for specific words in files is limited to specific file types. For instance, what about when you need to find text inside of .html, .php, .js or other file extensions? The great thing about Windows search is that you can easily include other types of file extensions relatively simple. Continue reading to find out how to search inside any file using Windows search.

To make your search a little easier, follow these steps:

First of all, Open the control panel and click on indexing for text inside

Now, click on the tab “Advanced” and click “file types”.search for text inside

Locate the extension of the file to search the contents of and then click on “index properties and file contents”. By default the filter will change to the current filter being used to open the file type.

search for text inside

You must have a program set as the default handler otherwise  you won’t be able to find a specific file type. Windows search will use a plain text filter to search the file contents once you have added the specific extension to the list. search for text inside

When the index is rebuilt you can search for text inside the file type. search for text inside

To search for a specific folder, locate the folder, click organize and you should see “Folder and Search Options”search for text inside

Under the “Search” tab click on “Always search file names and contents”.search for text inside

Once your index is rebuilt the default will include new file extensions in search results.

via How-To Geek

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