How to Save Favorites Notes to Your iPhone Home Screen With SBStickyNotes

SBSticky Notes

For saving quick items, you need to get back to later; The Notes app is truly a great and useful app. However, it is easy that you may forget what you have written. SBStickyNotes make forgetting more difficult as this allows you to save favorite notes to your Home screen as a bookmark.

Check out the tutorial video on SBStickyNotes to get started.

SBStickyNotes sports a couple of fascinating options under setting app. The first setting allows you to adjust the opening animation while the second setting will allows you to transform the color of the headings for your bookmarked notes.

SBStickyNotes is truly an extremely handy app that can help those who are accustomed to notes. It will be more instrumental for those who lack Siri and do not get easy reminder by means of voice commands.

The only drawback of SBStickyNotes is that you can’y edit the notes, once you bookmarked it on your Home screen. You have to drive back to the Notes app in order to edit the note, which is inconvenient and tiresome.

If you still want to give a try then go to Cydia only if you have a Jailbroken device. You can easily download it from the BigBoss repo free of cost.

What are your thoughts about the SBStickyNotes ? In spite of only editing headache, do you think it will be a worth trying or just a let-it-go app?

via SBStickyNotes

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