How to Manage Series Of Posts in WordPress with Organize Series

When you want to organize posts that belong to a series, there is one free plugin that stands out. It’s called Organize Series. It has a lot more to it than meets the eyes. Organize Series features a new WordPress taxonomy that adds to and works seamlessly just like the standard tags and categories. It lets you pair a photo to the series and functions like your tags and categories, making the entire process straight forward and efficient.


The streamlined admin section lets you add posts quickly through the post list page after entering a title for the series.


You also have the option to directly use the post editor to create a new series and assign posts to it.


There is a conspicuous note added automatically at the beginning of a post to indicate that it belongs to a series. At the upper right corner of series posts, you will find a box containing information on the series.


You can show all your series on a list using a widget that is bundled with the plugin. You can also sort the series by creation date, series slug , name or number of posts and edit the number of series to be displayed.


This plugin includes a table of contents page that shows all series at a glance. It is an added bonus that also helps series promotion. The series title, logo and description are the three parts that all series have.


Go to the settings section if you are looking to define a URL for your table of contents. From there, you can choose what features you want enabled or switch to another series icons widget. It is also where you customize templates or change the style to match your CSS stylesheet.


Organize Series is worth a look when you are thinking about featuring a series of posts on your blog or website. It costs you nothing because it is freeware and can be used with add ons like All In One SEO plugin to group series together. Add-ons cost between $5 to $20 per piece. Signing up for support has an annual price tag of $49 and if you include all the add ons, the annual cost is $99. The price might not be accurate since  add-ons are listed as an added $50 per year instead of a one time fee of $55.  For those who want all of the add-ons and lifetime support, that is a one time cost of $249.

You get one add on free of charge. Organize Series Publisher‘s function to publish all series posts in bulk. An interesting detail since it would have been better to incorporate it into the plugin instead of keeping it separate.

Check the link below for more details about the plugin.

Organize SeriesInformation | Download

via wpmods

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