How to Use Multiple Bookmark Bars in Chrome

For people who bookmark a lot of things, the bookmark bar in Chrome could soon become pretty crowded. Fortunately Chrome has an extension called Bookmark Bar Switcher that allows power bookmarkers to keep things organized. In this article we will explain how to use multiple bookmark bars in Chrome in order to keep things simple and organized.

How to Use Multiple Bookmark Bars in Chrome

Bookmark Bar Switcher allows users to create different sets of bookmarks for work, entertainment and the likes. With multiple bars created, you would just have to switch between these bars to have bookmarks of a specific bar in front of you. Follow the steps listed below to make it happen:

  • Install Bookmark Bar Switcher.
  • Once installed the Bookmark Bar Switcher icon would be displayed in the upper right corner.
  • Click on it to create new bookmark bars.
  • You can also decide which bookmarks appear in each bar. The¬†bookmark bars that you have created would show up in the left sidebar.
  • Drag and drop your bookmarks to put them in the desired bar.

Bookmark bar switcher

  • You can right click on a bookmark and select copy and then paste it in multiple bars for it to appear in more than one bar.

Once you have created your bookmark bars, you can switch between them by clicking on the Bookmark Bar Switcher icon and selecting the desired bar.

via CNET.

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