How to Create, Edit and Search Notes on iPhone with Siri

When people hear iPhone 4S, their next thought is Siri. It is the voice command virtual assistant that is highlighted in advertising campaign. Siri recognizes naturally spoken words and can be told to set an alarm, write an email, create notes, send text messages and many others. To assist you in maximizing the usage, we will cite and illustrate some useful tips about Siri. Let’s check out how Siri can search, edit and create notes for you.

Create Note

Siri can assists you in taking notes. You can tell Siri “take note”, “add note” or “create note” and it will create one for you. Next, Siri will ask you what you want to write. Just let Siri know and the note will contain whatever you say.


Edit Note

By default the name of the note is represented by first item or (e.g. My wishlist). Later on when you want to edit your note, “Add xxx to my wishlist note” will be enough to say.


At the moment, Siri can only do simple editing for you. Actions like deleting the note or removing its contents are not allowed yet.

Search Note

Siri can also look for notes when you ask it to. One example is when you want it to search notes that have the key word “iPhone”. Just say “Show me iPhone notes”. Siri will list down the matching list.


If you want to see a list of all the notes, simply say “Show me all my notes”.

As shown above, the name of the note is from your first line. To fine a particular note, just say “Show me ‘Siri is great’ note”.


If you find this tips helpful, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. What if I accidentally deleted a very important note?? Can it be retrieved? Recovered????

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