Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress

If you are running a WordPress site, one of the best way to keep community involved at your site and to increase traffic is to host forums on your site. If you want to host forum on your WordPress site, this article will guide you about the top 5 forum plugins for WordPress that can be easily hosted at your site and can contribute in making your site more popular.

These forum plugins include different features and provide you different options to use on your hosted forum according to your liking. For starters, it is better to use a simple plugin instead of a more robust one.

The top 5 most popular forum softwares are described below in this article. All 5 are well-supported and are stable to work with. Each forum software can be a great addition to your WordPress site and can make your website more popular among community.


bbpress WordPress Plugin


One of the most commonly used WordPress forum plugin is the bbPress plugin. The forum software is easy to use and simple to work with as developers of bbPress tried to keep it simple for users. Developers of bbPress kept the main software lean and light but to increase the solutions provided by bbPress forums, developers created many additional forum plugins. Users can easily add extra functionality and additional features to their bbPress forum by adding more add-on plugins to their core bbPress pulgin. Most of these add-on Plugins are available at the WordPress repository. This helps users to keep the overhead forum light while more features can be added easily according to the requirement. Even though, bbPress is a great forum plugin to start working with, but you may have to depend on the developers addons to add different features to your forum. Some people may find it irritating to keep adding add-ons to their forums as core bbPress plugin only offers limited functionality.

Download bbPress


simple-press WordPress Plugin


If you are looking for a full featured WordPress forum plugin, Simple: Press can be a good choice that can be downloaded from the Simple: Press website. The common features offered by Simple: Press forum plugin include user signatures, comprehensive admin, permissions and powerful user system, public and private forums, spam prevention, avatars, subscriptions and watched topics etc. These features are enough for any standalone forum plugin to run without any need to install different add-on plugins.

Download Simple:Press

Vanilla Forums

vanilla forum wordpress plugin


Vanilla Forums allow users to embed the entire forum into their site’s WordPress page. The forum is not only a simple WordPress plugin, but allows a deep integration with any website or webpage including WordPress. The features offered by Vanilla forums include different forum widgets like recent discussions, discussion categories and recent forum activity. These widgets can be added as add-ons to vanilla forum’s core plugin. Many users consider Vanilla forum as easy-to-use and the simplest forum available for WordPress. The feature that makes Vanilla forum superior over many other forum plugins is that it provides a native mobile version that makes it easy to  browse and post from any mobile device. It also allows you to manage Vanilla forum without leaving WordPress dashboard.

Download Vanilla Forums


forumpress wordpress plugin

Another name for ForumPress is WP Forum Server. ForumPress is forum plugin of WP forum for Word press that is more advanced and stable to work with. The plugin includes some advanced features that are difficult to find in other forum plugins like sought-after features, various topic statuses, skins, guest postings, SEO-friendly URLs and email notifications. ForumPress also allow you to seek free support at their forums.

Download ForumPress

Mingle Forum

mingle forum wordpress plugin

The Mingle forum plugin is developed by Blair Williams that can work without the social networking plugin of Mingle. The plugin is simple to work with and can be installed at your WordPress site within 5 minutes. Mingle Forum included some cool features like an ability to automatically create a forum post whenever you publish a WordPress post. Some other exciting features included in Mingle forum plugin are media embedding (ie. Youtube, Flickr, Photobucket..), forum sitemap, integrated HTML areas for ads, moderators, quick reply, locked forums, skins, hot topics and more.

Feel free to any valuable information about other WordPress forum plugins and let us know about our posts in the comments below!!

via WPMU

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