How to Easily Print Documents From Your iPad or iPhone

With the addition of the iWork mobile suite to the iPad, you will never be confined to your laptop. This handy little app allows you to create and edit documents in Pages, make slideshows using Keynote and create explosive graphics and stats with Numbers. You can even print documents with AirPrint when you’re finished. iWork was clearly defined for bright professionals on the go.

AirPrint is not compatible with every printer which could be a problem for last minute situations, but don’t give up on AirPrint so easily. We’re here to solve your dilemma.

In this article we will explain how to easily print documents from your iPad or iPhone. What’s even more interesting is that we will show you 3 ways to produce hard copies of digital files. So Keep reading to find out how!!

Printing with AirPrint

If you have an AirPrint-compatible set up then perfect! You are good to go and should not have a problem being able to find and print to your printers.


Here are the steps to print from the Pages app:

  • Tools
  • Share and Print
  • Print.
  • If in the standard AirPrint dialog select the printer, set the range and number of copies. Click “Print” to begin printing.

Printing with AirPrint + Printopia

Don’t worry if you don’t have an AirPrint-compatible set up. There is an application called Printopia available for only $19.99. This application practically turns your Mac into an AirPrinter-friendly server that will accept printer jobs from your iOS devices and process them through a printer connected to the Mac. As an added bonus, Printopia also allows you to send print jobs directly to Evernote and a few other services, right from your iOS device.

Printing with Printer-specific Apps

Many printer manufacturers, including Epson, Brother and HP have released printer-specific applications for printing.

Here’s a list of printer-specific applications that we were able to find on the App Store:

If you have an all-in-one printer many of these printer specific apps allow you to do much more. They include the ability to scan documents as well which can become quite handy while you’re on the go meeting new people.


Epson iPrint

For example, the Epson iPrint application allows us to print photos, save and print documents from Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox and We are also able to utilize the scan function and print web pages directly to our iOS devices.

The downside to using many of these printer-specific apps is that you will not be able to print directly from iOS applications such as the iWork suite of apps.

via Mac|Life.

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