How to Switch Between Apps in Windows 8 using Switch List

The new metro UI style start screen of Windows 8 is making rounds on the internet and everyone is trying to sneak a look at it.  However, there are loads of other features and enhancements than Metro bar that make Windows 8 innovative and stand tall in all operating systems.  The best part of the Windows 8 is the introduction of switch list, which is an advanced version of ALT+TAB in previous versions and WIN + TAB in Windows 7. It shows all the running apps by default and can be accessed through several ways. It can also be used to quit running apps in Windows 8.

You can easily access Switch list by using Win+ Tab key, which will opens up all the running apps on the left side of the screen. It can be even achieved by navigating the mouse cursor on the top left direction on the Windows 8 screen.


The Switch list will display all the running apps in the form of thumbnails and you select any app by just clicking on it. It is very easy to close a running app in background by clicking close button on the selected thumbnail.

The advent of Switch list is surely a wise innovation that is useful to toggle between several apps and close all the unnecessary running apps in the background.

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via NirmalTV

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