How To Automatically Hide Mouse Cursor in Windows

You love watching movies on your computer but hate watching that little white arrow better known as a mouse cursor? Don’t we all? It is especially worse if you move the cursor to the edge of the screen and there is a hidden control bar there; that makes the picture even worse. In this article we will explain how to automatically hide mouse cursor in Windows.

If you have a newer version of Windows, there is a solution to all your problems! The AutoHideMouseCursor from Nenag Hrg. This app is portable, user-friendly and lightweight.


Using this app will make a much better experience while watching your favorite movie; here are the steps to show you how:

Step 1: Download and install AutoHideMouseCursor.autohidecursor2

Step 2: Now install it.autohidecursor3

Step 3: The inactivity trigger is set to 5 seconds but to adjust the time  move the slider on the lower-left side.


Step 4:  Under “Preferences”, check the option labeled “Start with Windows”. Every time you start your computer it will automatically run.


Step 5: Under the “Options” make sure the “Always start minimized” (ToTray) choice is checked.

Perfect! Now you won’t have to stare at that pesky little mouse cursor while enjoying your favorite movie. In addition to using at home this app can also be used at work for presentations and other programs that require viewing on a full screen.

via CNET.

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