Five Tips to Increase Your Pinning Addiction in Pinterest

Pinterest tips

If you combined the best things about StumbleUpon and Tumblr, you will come up with Pinterest. The social activity of Internet users is quickly being claimed by this new social networking site. It lets you take elements such as photos, videos and blog articles from around the online world and “Pin” them. Jump in to master your to master Pinterest and take your pinning addiction to a whole new level.

Pinterest might even replace your usual bookmarks, as the site gives you a more appealing, aesthetic way to keep things you find on the internet. It is also an enjoyable and useful way to uncover new content on the Net. This site is also for guys. The visuals from the Web site are more attractive to females but there are plenty of masculine interests to choose from. It is easy to get started on Pinterest. It is simple enough to re-pin, add new pins and follow friends. So when you get a hang of the basics, read into these additional tips and tricks to raise the level of your Pinning addiction.

1. Set up the bookmarklet

To be able to pin things you like on the internet, fast and easy, without having to visit Pinterest’s home page first, add the Pinterest bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Check out the goodies and drag the “Pin it” icon to your toolbar right on the browser.

Click on your bookmark when you find something you want to pin (this post for example) and you’ll be asked to make a new pin.

Pinterest tips

2. Tag friends in posts.

You have the ability to tag Pinterest friends in the area for descriptions or comments of a pin, similar to Facebook and Twitter. Typing “@” right before your friend’s name gives you a drop-down menu to choose from. Your friend will get an alert and the tag will be linked to his or her profile when the pin is published.

Pinterest tips

3. Collaborate with friends.

If you and your friends are interested in ame things, you can pin together with an obscure feature that makes your boards open to your friends’ contributions.

Go to any of the Boards you own and select “Edit Board”. Right beside “Who can pin?” is an option for “Me + Contributors”. Type in the name of a person on Pinterest (you should be one of the followers of his or her board) and select “Add”. He or she will receive an email with your invite and can choose to collaborate with you or not.

One advantage of collaborating and pinning consistently is rising the awareness of your Board.

Pinterest tips

4. Be specific and use #keywords.

You should consider one question every time you write a description for your new pin. “What should I search for if I was looking for this pin?” You will make it easier for users to discover your pin when it is more descriptive, a lot like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is good to end your description with multiple hash tags or key words. For a pin regarding a dress, you can add “#dress, #fashion, #style, #bright” at the end. You can have as many as you can think of, however, adding too many might make it seem like spam.

Pinterest tips

5. Search for pins from a specific site

If you want to know what gets the most attention on Pinterest from a particular site, go to site URL here)/ and it will show you all that has been pinned by that site.

It is an effective way to find out what the users are interested in from a site. You can re-pin them and skip having to make a new one.Pinterest tips

The site is not perfect so expect some bugs when you interact with it. Pinterest is still in an invite-only beta at the moment.

via How To – CNET

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