How to Install .DEB File on iPhone without Using Mac, Windows or SSH

Up till now, you require a personal computer in order to install .deb files as it was impossible to transfer Debian packages to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without the use of computer. This article will allow you to learn installing .deb file to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without using SSH, Windows PC or Mac.


For installing .deb file without using a personal computer, you have to Jailbreak your device first. You can read our how to articles on different Jailbreak techniques here. For iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, you can read about the Absinthe Jailbreak and for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod touch 4G or iPod touch 3G you can read about RedSn0w Jailbreak.


How to install .DEB File on your iDevice without Using Mac, Computer or SSH

  1. Download apps: To start the process, you need to download and install two apps first to your iDevice. The apps are “Downloads file manager” from  App store and “iFile” from Cydia Store. You can buy the download file manager for 1.99 dollars at App store.
  2. Search for .deb file: After installing both apps, you can now search .deb file in the “download file manager” app on your iPhone. You may find it under the folder “Files”. You can see an arrow on right of your screen, click that arrow to proceed further. Go to Open In.. > iFile. You can find .deb file here in iFile, cancel the pop-up box that appear on your screen.
  3. Edit .deb file: After finding the .deb file on your iDevice, you can now edit the .deb file by tapping on the edit button. It will display the clipboard on your screen. Select “cut” from the options. Now, tap on the arrow at the top left of your screen to go back to the original directory. At top directory, go to Var > root > Media.
  4. Create a new Folder: At this step, you have to create a case sensitive new folder named “Cydia”. To create a new folder, tap on Edit and enter information at the bottom left of your screen beside the “+” icon. For name., enter “Cydia” and tap on the create button. After creating this folder, follow the same steps to create another case sensitive folder by the name of “AutoInstall”.
  5. Paste .deb file: Now, paste .deb file by clicking on the clipboard and taping on the “Paste”. You can now complete the process by restarting your iOS device.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Jailbreak application on iOS device. Let us know about your feedback and experience with installing .deb file on your iPhone in the comments below.

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