How to Recover Deleted SMS(Text Messages) from iPhone

With the increasing use of iPhones, many users find it very irritating when they delete an important text message by mistake and do not know how to get it back. With iPhone, all users can easily recover their deleted messages by following simple steps as described in this blog post.

In most cases, users delete a text message when they find it unimportant or old but quite often, users delete their important text messages by mistake while deleting other messages. Some text messages are very important for users that no one can afford to delete. If you face same situation often, keep reading this post to learn about recovering deleted text messages.


To recover a deleted message, first you need to Jailbreak your iPhone. You can read our how to articles on Techow about tethered, untethered and semi tethered jailbreak tutorials.

Recovering a Deleted SMS

1. Jailbreak: First step is to Jailbreak your iPhone.

2. Launch Cydia: You need to launch Cydia first before proceeding further into tutorial.

3. Install Undeleted SMS App: You can find an app by the name of “Undeleted SMS” in BigBoss repo that is available to install on your iPhone for 6.99 dollars. You can install the app on your iPhone by touching the icon of the app at the left corner of your iPhone screen.


4. Reboot: After installing “Undeleted SMS” app on your iPhone, you have to respring or reboot your device to proceed further.

5. Recover Your deleted SMS: Now, you can click on the newly appeared icon of Undelete SMS on your home screen. Tap on OK button that will display all the deleted messages as a plain text on your screen. You can find the text message you are looking for in all the messages and can copy it to any place safe enough to keep your text.

This is it!! You can recover your deleted messages in most cases, but in some cases, you may find that your required text is replaced by some other text.

Let us know about your feedback and your experience with the “Undelete SMS” in the comments below!!!

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