How to Easily Do Video Chat With Vidless

Skype could certainly be termed as the best VoIP messaging application. However, it could be a bit problematic, you would have to explain your parents about how to set it up for video conferencing. Fortunately there are more user friendly applications out there that allow you to do video chat with your friends and family in a breeze. In this article we will explain how to easily do video chat with Vidless.

How to Easily Do Video Chat With Vidless

Creating video chats with Vidless is extremely easy. Vidless requires no installs or downloads. In addition to this, it does not even need user accounts and sign ups. The only thing that you need is a good internet connection, a web browser and the latest version of Flash.

Follow the steps listed below to start a video chat right away:

Video Chat With Vidless

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Go to
  • Enter a name for your room that you would create in order to do the video chat.
  • Click on Create Room to create the room.Video Chat With Vidless
  • Now just copy and share the URL listed at the top of the page with your friends or family.
  • The room that you have created is completely private. Only people having the link to the room can join and access it.
  • Now, Click on Allow to allow Vidless access your Camera and microphone.
  • You can start chatting as soon as the people with whom you shared the link of the room, joins the room.

The service is still very new and a bit rough over the edges. But it does work seamlessly, so do give it a try.

via CNET.

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