How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 4G Using PwnageTool (Mac)

If you are still waiting to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G, follow the instruction on “ how to Jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G on iOS 5.0.1” using PwnageTool for Mac in this article.

Step One

Create a folder entitled “Pwnage” on the desktop and fill it with a couple of things like;

1. PwnageTool 5.0.1.

2.  5.0.1 iPod Touch firmware which can be downloaded as follows;

It is good, if you are downloading IPSW file with Firefox since safari auto extract it.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Step Two
After double click on PwnageTool, drag the PwanageTool icon to the Pwanage folder.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Now inside Pwanage folder, double click the PwanageTool to launch the application.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

If warning occurs, hit the OK button.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Three
Select the appropriate Expert Mode from the top menu bar.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak
Step Four
Screen with the iPod’s will popup. Select your appropriate iPod. As you click on the selected iPod, a green color check mark will appear on that iPod. Then press the blue arrow button at the end of the screen to continue.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Step Five

You will be brought to the “Browse for IPSW” page. Click the Browse for IPSW…button.
iPod Toch 4G JailbreakNow popup window will show you  a set of firmware. Select your firmware and then press Open button in Pwnage folder.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Six
Now, select the General and hit the Next arrow button at the end to continue.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Through General setting you will be able to decide the partition size..

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakYou do not need to install custom packages manually, Cydia setting menu allows it to install it automatically.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Press the Refresh button to see all the available list of download packages. then for downloading make double click at the desired package and then hit the next arrow button to continue.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakCheckmark the packages that you want and hit the Next arrow button.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakNow the window will show the Custom Package Setting for your custom IPSW. You can enable or disable the packages here.
iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Step Seven

the Pwnage process starts here. You can now adjust the setting of each section, once you have finished click “Build” to complie and build the IPSW file that will be used to restore the iPod Touch 3G, 4G. When you are done with the Build button hit the Next button to continue.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Eight
Save the custom IPSW file to the Pwnage folder that you created at the desktop.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakNow it starts building the IPSW file, wait for 10 minutes. Later this is used to restore your iPod Touch 3G, 4G.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakEnter your administrative user name and password and then hit the OK button.

Step Nine
For building your IPSW, you need to connect your iPod with computer. The computer will detect your device and Pwnage tool will guide you step by step to put your iPod in DFU mode.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakHold the power and home buttons for 10 seconds.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakNow continue holding the home button and release the power button and for 10 seconds. This will help iPod to enter in DFU mode.

iPod Toch 4G Jailbreak

Now you will see a window congratulating you to enter in DFU mode. Press the OK button. Now PwanageTool will prompt you to launch iTunes.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Ten
If you are experiencing problem with your iPod, you can restore its original settings by clicking restore by holding Alt/Option key.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Eleven
Using the dialog window that appears on your desktop select the Pwnage folder. Select the custom IPSW and click on the Choose button.

iPod Toch 4G JailbreakStep Twelve
This process will take approximately 10 minutes. iTunes will start to restore on your iPod and when its done you may reboot into jailbroken OS 5.0.1

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