How To Manually Enable Multitasking for Cydia on iOS 4


It is being said that Cydia’s recent update has brought about an integrated user experience in  Jailbroken app store along with several functional improvements. The new feature includes the opening of Cydia from the last place where you closed the application. So, now you will not have to manually go to the place you left every time you close the app.

Although these improvements are not considered a major advancement in multitasking functionality, they still are being dubbed as multitasking improvements. FSM has introduced an easy hack to enable true multitasking in  Cydia. In this article we will explain how to enable multitasking for Cydia on iOS 4.

How To Manually Enable Multitasking for Cydia on iOS 4

People have to open Cydia again and again just for the sake of installing couple of apps or changing different functions in Cydia. They find it more difficult to open Cydia again just because it requires to redownload the data each time it is opened. But what if you have a solution to it which can actually do real time multitasking? Here’s how to do this: (you will need iFile to perform the following steps)

Step 1. Open iFile and go to /Applications.  Try to find the folder labeled

Step 2. Open the folder and locate the file named Info.plist


Step 3. Click on the file after locating and open it with a Text Viewer option and scroll down to the bottom of the file.

Step 4. Try to find the text “<key> UIApplicationExistsOnSuspend </key> <true/>, and modify the <true/> tag to <false/> tag using the edit function.


This will enable multitasking for Cydia. You will need to restart the device before enjoying the multitasking Cydia interface.

The faster switching from Cydia to Home screen, other apps and then back to Cydia right where you left it is an awesome feature. During the session you may experience some flicker in display and some unstable instances.

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