How to Optimize Facebook Page for Search Engines

5 fantastic facebook seo tips

Today, Facebook is ahead of Google in terms of traffic in North America. This is the reason why Facebook pages ranks high in Google. This high rank of Facebook on search engines is the prime reason for high ranking of other Facebook pages and groups in almost all commonly used search engines.

This gives you an opportunity to gain a high rank for your Facebook business profile even for highly competitive keywords. All you need is to apply some search engine optimization techniques on your profile to ensure high ranking. You can have a look at top 5 tips for optimizing your Facebook page for increased traffic though search engines. Many business owners are using this method of attracting traffic from search engines to their Facebook page and than driving that traffic to their main website as optimizing your Facebook page is much easier than optimizing your main business website.

How to Optimize Facebook Page for Search Engines

1. Keyword Research

The first step is to research about the keyword and make sure that you use the right keyword in your page name. Facebook does not allow you to change your page name again, so do proper research before deciding about the keyword that you want to be ranked for on search engines.

For the purpose of keyword research, you can use many available online tools. One of the great tools that can help you in researching about your desired keyword is ‘Google Keyword Tool’. This tool provides you with complete details and stats about your keyword including number of monthly searches your keyword gets. Selecting a keyword that shows a constant demand on search engines can help you with continues flow of traffic towards your Facebook page from search engines as well as from within Facebook.

You can enter number of different keywords into ‘Google keyword tool’ with different combinations of word to compare number of monthly searches against each keyword. This can only be done for your Facebook page, not for your Facebook group as a group does not have any URL of its own.

2. Custom Keyword based URL

To choose a relevant search engine optimized keyword based name for your Facebook page, go to Facebook only allows you to a custom username if you get a certain number of fans who ‘like’ your page. The number is near 100 fans that can be easily achieved by using some easy tips and tricks to attract fans towards your Facebook page.

3. Frequently Update Content

One of the useful tips is to update your page content frequently. Use of Google rewards sites can also help you in increased rank of your Facebook page on search engines as it is updated on a regular basis. Do not concentrate on keyword rich updates on your Facebook page, as it does not directly affect your page rank instead concentrate on quality content. Quality and fresh content can add value to your Facebook page and can make first time visitors to ‘like’ your Facebook page. You can also divert traffic to your main website by linking updates with your original business website.

Your Facebook page links in other profiles are also very effective in increasing your ranking on search engines. The quality content may influence visitors and fans to add your page link to their profiles. Each backlink is considered very valuable in terms of search engine optimization.

4. Keyword Use in Info Section

You page ‘info’ section is also very important. You have to add keywords in provided information in ‘info box’ and ‘info tab’ right under your display picture.

Even though, for search engine optimization keywords are of prime importance but refrain from over using and keyword stuffing. Try to use keywords in a natural way to increase quality user experience and to obtain strong organic rankings. Focus on providing quality user experience to your fans and visitors that can help you as your fans may promote your Facebook page across the web.

5. Create Quality keyword based Backlinks

Promotion of your Facebook page across the web is another important factor. You can do this by using other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also use online forums and blogs for promotion.

Give time to Off page SEO as it can also contribute in increasing your Page rank. This includes creating quality backlinks across the web. Try to use selective keywords in your backlinks and try to create links from the websites that are of the same theme as yours. This means using keywords in anchor text of your link.


These are some basic tips that can help you in optimizing your Facebook page for better rankings on search engines for your chosen keywords. Achieving higher rank in Google can be done in time, but you have to continue with your SEO efforts to keep your high rank on Google. Remember, you have to compete with other competitors who may be trying to optimize their websites for the same keyword as yours.

I hope this article will help you in optimizing your Facebook page for search engine rankings. If you want to add or discuss something about the topic, feel free to comment below!!

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