How to Import RSS Feeds into Tumblr

Some Tumblr users might want to automatically import the RSS feeds of their websites to their Tumblr blogs. Tumblr’s default import feature allows you to get 2 days old posts and onwards. The number of feeds is also limited, that is, only 5 feeds and the number of posts per feed are also specific. Tumblr imposes these restrictions to ensure that the blog network is not filled up with spammy content. In this article we will explain how to import RSS feeds into Tumblr.

How to Import RSS Feeds into Tumblr

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Automatically Import My …, where you can browse the platform you want to import the feed/rss/xml from.
  3. Otherwise you can always pull the dropdown menu and select the RSS feed from there.
  4. Paste the FEED URL of your site and click Start Importing This Feed.Import Feeds in tumblr
  5. Click to save and close.

Also note that some special scripts still allow to import a full feed from wordpress or blogger in your Tumblr.

Hope you liked this tip. Do take a look at other Tumblr tips and tricks to make your Tumblr experience even more worthwhile.

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