How to Show the Likes on Tumblr Posts

Tumblr likes are a testimonial of how many users liked your posts. Having a post with a lot of likes gives you bragging rights on the post. In this article we will explain how to show the likes on Tumblr Posts. In order to get this done all you need to do is add some code in your html theme. Such counters for likes are also known as notes.

There is no need to get confused since your likes will not be shown on Tumblelogs of other people. It only aims to show the number of likes you get for your own posts. Most of the Tumblr themes don’t contain the code, so you might need to add it there. Notes is the other name for Likes and reblog counter but note here that they should not be mixed with likes or reblog buttons.

How to Show the Likes on Tumblr Posts

Steps to make the number of likes on your Tumblr posts visible:

  1. Click on Customize, select Theme and then Custom HTML.Customize TumblrEdit Tumblr Html
  2. Add the code given below to display the number of likes, make sure that it lies within the closing tags of the next tags: {block:Text}, {block:Photo}, {block:Photoset}, {block:Quote}, {block:Link}, {block:Chat}, {block:Answer}, {block:Video}, {block:Audio}.  These are the tags that display each post type.

{/block:NoteCount}Customize Tumble Html

  1. You can see how we have inserted the code in the image above to get a hint about what to do.
  2. Once you have inserted the code in your theme, Click to save and then close it.

Hope you liked this tip. Do take a look at other Tumblr tips and tricks to make your Tumblr experience even more worthwhile.

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