How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

Custom App Icon iPhone

Many users are not satisfied with the app icons on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They look for ways that can help them changing or customizing these app icons that irritate them. If you are one of such person, this article will guide you about the way that can help you to create your own custom app icons on your device. For this, you must have a Jailbreak device with Winterboard installed on it.

As you may have already known, Winterboard is a great tool that helps you in customizing appearance of your iPad or iPhone in many ways that also includes customizing your icons. You can use these custom items on your device without replacing the actual image files and can use Winterboard to turn them on and off occasionally. Most of the apps icons (Apps that are purchased from App store) are changed automatically whenever you install a new theme. Some iOS apps like Settings, Photos, Compass etc needs to be manually skinned as they do not change with the new theme automatically. Similarly, all Jailbreak apps are not automatically skinned with the change in theme, and you may need to learn to change their icons on your own.

To customize app icons on your device, you need Winterboard and SSH on your device. It is also good to have iFile and SBSettings before starting but they are not mandatory.

How to Create your Theme

  1. You need to access: /private/var/stash/Themes first.
  2.  Create a new folder there with a name ‘Custom Icons theme’.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Create another folder inside the Custom Icons folder. Give it a name ‘Bundles’. This folder will be used to put all your icons that need to be skinned so that Winterboard can get access to all at same place.Custom App Icon iPhone

Icons to Skin

The first thing you may need to do before skinning your icons is to find those icons on your device that were not automatically themed and needs to be customized manually.

For this, you need to use SBSettings. Go to SBSettings > More.

Custom App Icon iPhone

  1. You can find a button “App Folders” at the bottom of your screen, tap on it.
  2. From the list of apps available, click on the app you want to skin. Mark down the name of the folder.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Now, you can use either SSH browser or iFile to go to the location of the app you marked down in last step.
  4. After getting access to the right folder, open the folder where you will find another folder with name of the app and ‘.app’ at the end. Open the folder to proceed further.Custom App Icon iPhone
  5. Now, search for the file info.plist and opent it. Search for a line named “CFBundleIdentifier” and the string that should be right under the first line. The string must contain the name of bundle that you need to mark down. The name should look like ‘’. This is actually a name for the new folder you are trying to make.Custom App Icon iPhone
  6. Similarly, within the same folder, you can find the icon of the app you are looking to replace. The file must be in a number of formats and you have to follow trial and error method until you find the right one. The file must be like icon.png or icon@2x.png etc.
  7. Now, get back to your custom folder that must look like Icons.theme/Bundles folder. Make a new folder within this folder with the name you find in the string in last step. Now, put your icon in this newly created folder. With both icon name and the bundle name marked down, you can now proceed further to create a customized icon.

How to Make Icons

  1. You may be creating icons for the device with a retina display or for a device with a non-retina display. For retina display devices, you can create icons with 118×120. For non-retina display, you can make icons with 59×60. You can use different graphic software to create your icons like Adobe Photoshop.Angry Bird
  2. After creating an icon, the next step is labeling of your icon just like the original icon you are trying to customize. Make sure that the icon is case sensitive.
  3. Now, you can put the icon in your bundle folder that you created.Custom App Icon iPhone

How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Winterboard on your device. Your custom theme icon must be above all other themes in your Winterboard listing and must be checked. Themes can override each other that is why it is important to keep the theme at the top that you want to use.
  2. Get back to your device as it will respring. Your skinned icon will now appear on your screen with new theme. If the app does not appear on your screen, recheck all the steps mentioned in this tutorial to see if they were all properly followed.

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