How to Organize Reminders Lists in iOS 5

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5, you may have noticed a new reminder app that comes with iOS 5 software. Creating a reminder list in the new reminder app can keep your life more organized. We will guide you about using the reminder app and how to create new list in your app in this article. The new reminder app in iOS 5 will automatically sync all your iOS devices as soon as you create a new reminder list.

 How to Organize Reminders Lists in iOS 5

Follow the steps as mentioned below to create a new reminder list in your app.

Reminders List in iOS 5

  1. Go to Reminders app from where you can open a list button that is at the top left corner of your screen. The button is with three white lines and is very easy to find on your screen.Reminders List in iOS 5
  2. The next screen will show you all of your already created lists. You have an option to delete from the lists or create a new list by clicking ‘Edit’ button at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. If you choose to create a new list, click on the button ‘Create New List’. You have to enter the name of the new list you are creating and click ‘Done’ to complete the process. The app also allows you to move your items up and down according to your requirements.Reminders List in iOS 5
  4. Once you are done with creating a new reminder list, you can now tap on any reminder from the list. As soon as you will tap on a reminder, it will show a button ‘Show More’. You can tap it now.Reminders List in iOS 5
  5. You are now able to categorize all your reminders in list view. This is very helpful and convenient for you when you need to sort you reminder lists.

There is no limit for you to create reminders. You can add as many as you want in the new reminder app in iOS 5. As soon as your device syncs your reminders with Mac, you can also see your reminders in different colors that make it easier for you to sort them. It will not only sync your reminders with Mac, but all other iOS devices in your use to make things more convenient for you.

Let us know about your experience with iOS 5 reminder app and provide us your feedback about our tutorials in the comments below!!

via TiPb


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