How to Invite Someone to a Calendar Event in iPhone or iPad

Calendar Event iPhone

Apple allows its users to invite anyone for a calendar event in iPad or iPhone. This is very helpful in situations when you want to invite people from work for a meeting. Or in case of a party, you may want to invite your friends and family to your calendar event on your iPhone or iPad. You can send invitations to anyone in your contacts for your calendar event if you already own a MobileMe account or Exchange account. In this article we will explain how to invite someone to a calendar event in iPhone or iPad.

How to Invite Someone to a Calendar Event in iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Calendar app on your device, and tap on + button at the top of your screen.
  2. It will ask you to set a title for your calendar event and other information you would like to add for the event. Type all the information in relative text fields and proceed further.
  3. If you are using a MobileMe or Exchange calendar, there is a list of invitees at the bottom of your screen. You can tap on invitees to proceed further.
  4. You can now open your contact list for inviting contacts for your calendar event by tapping + button at the right of your screen or you can simply type the email of a person you want to invite to your calendar event.
  5. Add as many as you want to your invitees list and click ‘Done’ after completing the process.
  6. At the Add Event page, click “Done” to finish the process.
Calendar Event iPhone

This is it! All your contacts in the invitees list will be notified for the upcoming calendar event. It is not necessary for your invitees to be on MobileMe or Exchange, as the invitations will be sent to all. Many users think that contacts not using MobileMe or Exchange accounts are not notified through this method. This is nothing but a misconception. You can also notify all your invitees about any change in time or location of your event at any time. This is very useful for managers and event organizers to keep all people in loop and to keep communication clear.

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  1. Iphone appointments don’t work. You cannot actually invite attendees or update exiating appointments.

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