How to Enhance Your Business With Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social media website in United States with overall more than 600 million users all over the world. Current statistics about online traffic shows that Facebook is now ahead of Google. These high statistics in terms of traffic pointed towards an opportunity for all small and large business owners to market and sell their products using their Facebook profiles. Almost every small or large business owner is now using Facebook as an important tool in their online business marketing. With high number of businesses now appearing on Facebook, the competition between rival businesses have intensified. You may need to put some effort on your Facebook business profile to become distinctive among other similar businesses.

In this article, you will learn about 20 simple tips and tricks that will teach you how to enhance your business with Facebook.

1. Your Facebook Business Profile.

Every Facebook user visits your business profile first before proceeding any further. It is very important to create a unique business profile that is clear, complete and contains valuable information about your business. Writing a complete and concise Facebook profile for your business is the first and key step in setting up a Facebook account for your business.

2. Setting Goals that are Realistic.

After setting up your business profile, do not expect to get unrealistic number of fans in a few months. You need patience in achieving your goals and a steady growth in terms of fans. Each friend is an asset and can help in promoting your business by sharing your content with their friends. So concentrate on quality rather than on quantity in first few months. Make your business profile more and more attractive for your fans.

3. Give Time to Your Facebook Profile.

Making an outstanding Facebook profile for your business doesn’t necessarily ask for all of your time. You can create an extraordinary Facebook account by giving 1 hour to your Facebook profile from your daily routine. You can use this hour by updating your profile, and communicating with your fans and possible clients.

4. Keep yourself updated.

Always try to learn new methods and techniques to make your business profile more prominent on Facebook. One way is to subscribe to and you will be updated on all new Facebook tips and tricks for keeping your business profile ahead of competitors. Visit other Facebook business profiles and try to learn from their online approach. Keep reading about Facebook updates and learn about Facebook as much as you can.

5. Keep doing things right in First Attempt.

Try to use Facebook apps and websites that can help you manage your Facebook account. There are lots of free and paid websites available that can really boost your Facebook presence. One of the recommended website is Syncapse. It is so far a global leader in business social media management. These external websites can provide you with the cutting edge tools and latest technology that can be critical for ever expanding competition between businesses on social media.syncapse

6. Call to Action.

The key purpose of your business Facebook profile is to create more fans and to market your product. This cannot be achieved without a strong and bold call to action on your front profile page. A strong call to action can ensure increase in number of likes and can expand your fan base. You can visit Facebook profiles of some big companies to learn from the call to actions on their profiles.

7. Create a Business Page instead of a Profile.

Do not try to use two different accounts to make a profile for your business. This can distance you from your fans and will consume more of your time in switching between accounts. You are also breaking a Facebook rule by doing this.

8. Build Strong relationship.

Keep interacting with your fans by thanking them after each “like” or positive comment. Try to answer comments on your business page within 24 hours. Keep your fans busy on your business page and respond to their likes and dislikes.

9. Invest your time in your Business Profile.

You do not have to spend any money in promotion of your business on Facebook. There are many external advertising apps available on Facebook that can support and enhance your business on Facebook for few dollars but you can still do well without spending any money on these apps or advertising.

Before advertising your business on a large scale, start with the small test ads to gauge the performance and increase in business against your money. Collect the data like keywords you want to target in your large scale advertising campaign and the read about target demographics. You have to be cautious in your advertising campaign as over spamming and unrealistic self promotion can some time back fire.

You can utilize your time in adding value to your business and building relationship with your present clients and fans instead of wasting your time on unrealistic self promotion. This can help you increase the number of “likes” and promotion of your content through your fans account.

10. Initiate promotions and incentives like coupons.

Incentives and promotions are vital in promoting your business on Facebook. For example, if you offer a one time discount to any new fan, this can help in increasing the number of fans as well as repeat businesses. It is also important to initiate promotions for your loyal customers and fans as limiting your incentives for only new customers is not a good business practice as your old fans can lose interest or can switch to other competitive product.

Try to introduce different sales and promotions frequently to keep fans loyal and to attract new clients. Try to reach out for new customers and always plan something for attracting new clients and fans.

11. Check-ins.

Facebook counts every business as a place whenever it operates. Make it possible to check in to your place of work daily. Make it a habit as this can promote your business by putting your business name into news feed of different people every time you checked into your place of work.

12. Plan to Expand.

Keep planning for your company’s expansion and extending your reach. For this purpose, you can use a powerful tool ‘Find Friends’ offered by Facebook. You can find friends from any email service list by using this feature. You can also import any contact file from any other network including “Linkedin”.

13. Create Group.

Facebook profile pages are open platforms for your business while groups are for group of your page fans. Facebook recently upgraded its Groups product that is much more powerful and useful than the older versions. The only drawback is that it adds friends without any notification and there is no control over open or closed group discussions. However, closed groups are a useful way for internal communication between business members.

14. Use of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are a very powerful tool for your Facebook business page to market your product to a certain demographic. Facebook Ads allow you to select any age range and other similar features for more specific marketing. You can find plenty of online information about tips on Facebook advertising. Keep reading for a future post on Facebook Advertising Tips.

15. Use both Facebook and Twitter.

There are a number of online tools available that can help you in updating both Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time. This can save lot of your time and enhance your productivity.

16. Status Updates.

Post regular amusing status updates on your profiles to keep your business page in the limelight. Amusing and call to action status update can keep your fans engaged with your profile page. More comments by your friends on your status update means more marketing of your business on Facebook pages of your fans.

It is recommended to update a witty status every day for your fans. This will show your active status as well as keep your fans busy. To make sure that more people comment on your status update, try to make it a question for your fans.

17. Embedding Videos.

If your business also has a YouTube page, keep updating your videos on YouTube and embed them on your Facebook profile at the same time. To integrate your Facebook page with your YouTube channel, you can use an excellent out of box Facebook application known as “Involver YouTube”.

Facebook also allows you to create a custom page template that can help you in embedding your videos against background of your choice. Using a custom page template for your videos require some technical skills, we may have an upcoming post on the topic so keep logged in to for further updates on the topic.

18. Facebook Integration with Your Business Website.

You can easily integrate your facebook account with your Business website using either a ‘Like Box’ or ‘Facebook Like Buttons”. You can install any of the application on your website that can help you in embedding Facebook page to your Website. These applications help your website visitors to know about your Facebook profile that results in more fans on your Facebook page.

19. Promoting Your Facebook Page on Web.

Use other websites like ‘Linkedin” and ‘Twitter’ to promote your website around the web. Use forums, blogs and other social media websites to spread the word about your facebook profile.

20. Using Facebook Insights.

You can see powerful analytical dashboard that is known as Facebook Insight every time you logged into your account. Try to explore more of its features and utilize them to your advantage.

These are some basic tips that can help you in creating a strong presence of your business on Facebook. If you are running a business Facebook page, let us know about your experience by commenting below!

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