How to Setup a PIN Code on iPhone SIM

Some iPhone users might want to set a custom PIN code on their iPhone SIM. In this article we will explain how to setup a PIN code on iPhone SIM.

How to Setup a PIN Code on iPhone SIM

  • Launch the app Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Phone settings.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and tap SIM PIN.
  • Toggle the SIM PIN option to ‘ON’
PIN Code iPhone SIM
  • Enter the default PIN that your carrier has set (AT&T is 1111, check with your carrier in case you are using a different one than AT&T. Otherwise Google it)
PIN Code iPhone SIM
  • Proceed further and tap Change PIN.
  • Enter the current (default) SIM PIN again
  • Enter your own unique 4-digit PIN code

PIN Code iPhone SIM

Here you go! Now even if your iPhone gets stolen or something happens to it, you SIM card will be safe and the new owner will not be able to send or receive any iMessage or commit any other despicable act using your SIM.

Also have a look at the following video for better understanding.

NOTE: In case your iPhone goes missing after being lost somewhere or gets stolen call you carrier without wasting any time whether you have the PIN code lock on it or not.  This reporting will get it deactivated. This PIN code loack is just a temporary solution to the issue and the carrier blocking its services to it after deactivating is the permanent solution.

via TiPb


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