How to Fix iMessage on iPhone and iPad with iOS 5

iMessage it was one of the most attractive features that was added to the iOS platform. It enables the user to send messages through GPRS / EDGE / WiFi (data connection) to other iDevices. All such messaging is absolutely free and it does not use your SMS package. With the immense popularity of iMessage among the iPhone and other iDevice users, more and more users are making use of it for messaging. If you are facing problems with iMessage on iOS 5, this article will explain how to fix iMessage on iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.

Fix iMessage

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How to Fix iMessage on iPhone and iPad with iOS 5

These are the steps to be followed if you have just upgraded to iOS 5 and have discovered that iMessage is not functioning on your iPhone or iPad:

  • While you are not using the WiFi connection, make sure that you have enough credit to send the iMessage through your GPRS/EDGE.
  • The iMessage will only be delivered to the other person if he is also making use of the iDevice using iOS 5. Sometimes this is the reason behind the failed delivery of the iMessage.

If you have checked for the above two scenarios and still your iMessage is not able to make it through, try following the steps given below:

  • Change the DNS settings.
  • Tap on the tab Settings.
  • Click on the option located on the left hand side named WiFi settings.
  • Tap on the blue arrow that is present next to the current WiFi network that your iDevice is using.
  • There will be a field named DNS, tap on it.
  • Type in which is the Google Public DNS.

After finishing try to send iMessage now to the supported devices and hopefully it will work now.

If you are still getting the problem and your iMessage is still not sent then follow these steps:

Restart or reboot your iPhone or idevice and see if the iMessage has started working properly now or not. Sometimes the DNS settings change also take some time to load or sometimes it gets jammed due to the server issues at DNS.

You can also go for reseting your settings. This will not remove any data from your iPhone so there is no need to get worried. Only the Settings will get reset. Tap on the tab Settings, click General, Reset and then Reset All Settings.

Hopefully you iMessage will start working fine now.

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