How to Download Previously Purchased Apps, Songs and Books in iTunes


Apple has successfully made its way to beat the other brands with its uniqueness in products and creativity in features. One of the Apple’s best app is iTunes which has made it  possible to download and store the recently or previously purchased apps, songs & books. Well. Surely, you will have to go through some steps to accomplish this. We may briefly explain how to  download previously purchased apps, songs and books in iTunes. The new iTunes 10.3 beta has made it easy to do it but unfortunately, the music is currently limited to US users only.

How to Download Previously Purchased Apps, Songs and Books in iTunes

Now following is the step by step procedure to re-download your apps, music and books by using iTunes.

  1. First you need to open iTunes in your Mac or PC.
  2. You might have known about the interface. So, work a bit around and find the Quick Links section. It is normally located in the store toolbar located at the top right side.
  3. Click on Purchased link
  4. On the next screen you may scroll among different apps, music and book purchases.
  5. Now, you have a choice to choose between complete purchase history option which is available for each of the category mentioned and Not In My Library option  in order to have a look at the things that have been missing on your Mac.
  6. After this, you may click on iCloud button shown next to each option available on the screen so as to download those things in your local library.
  7. If you want to have all your previously purchased Apps, Music and books to be restored i.e., Restore All. Then you may click on Download All. This may attempt to download everything you have bought ever since.

That’s all you need to do in order to download previously purchased apps, songs or books from iTunes.

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