How to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone

If you are an active Facebook user and have lots of Facebook friends, you may want to add all your facebook contacts to your iPhone contacts but adding all Facebook contacts one by one manually may irritate you. Fortunately, there is a method that enables you to add all your Facebook contacts to your iPhone contacts in a few minutes. The process is much simpler than adding each contact manually to your iPhone contacts. In this article we will explain how to sync Facebook contacts to iPhone.

The app you may need for syncing Facebook contacts to iPhone is official Facebook iPhone app that also enables you to add the profile picture of your Facebook friends along with the contact. iPhone app is the best app so far that makes it very easy for you to keep contact with your Facebook friends using your iPhone. Facebook iPhone app also allows you to add other significant information about your Facebook friends to your iPhone contacts like Facebook URLs, birthdays, email address etc.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone

To sync Facebook contacts to iPhone or other iDevices, follow these steps

  1. Download iPhone app: You need iPhone app for syncing Facebook contacts to iPhone. You can find iPhone app at app store and can download it from there. If you already have an older version of iPhone app, search for the latest version and update your app.  It is highly recommended to use latest version of iPhone app before proceeding further with the process as the latest version has better interface and improved features.
  2. Launch iPhone app: After downloading and updating your Facebook iPhone app, launch it on your device and tap menu button on the top left as shown in the picture below. This will display sidebar on your screen.sync-facebook-contacts-with-iphone
  3. “Friends” icon: From the list of options available on the side bar, select and tap on ‘Friends’ icon.sync-facebook-friends-contacts-with-iphone
  4. Sync Contacts: Now, you may notice a ‘Sync Contacts’ button at the bottom of your screen as well as a “Share” button at top right corner as shown in the picture below. First tap on the ‘Share’ button and than click on ‘Sync Contacts’.sync-facebook-friends-contacts-with-iphone-1
  5. Syncing: The next screen will show you two options, ‘Syncing’ and ‘Replace Photos’. Slide ‘Syncing’ option to ON and if you want to add profile pictures as well from your Friend’s Facebook profile, slide “Replace Photos’ to ON as well.sync-facebook-friends-contacts-with-iphone-2

This will start downloading all your facebook contacts from facebook server to your iPhone contacts along with their profile pictures. Once the download is done, you can go to your iPhone contacts where you can find your newly added Facebook contacts along with a URL link to your friend’s Facebook profile along with latest profile picture.

Let us know about your feedback about the tutorial in comments below!!

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  1. No, this does not add contacts, only downloads photos and other info to pre-existing contacts in iphone

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