How To Get Siri Help You Shop For Gadgets

Wolfram Alpha is an intelligent database that enables the user to perform useful functions such as asking it to solve math questions and so on. Now the developers of Wolfram Alpha have come up with an additional feature that allows you to query Wolfram Alpha to get help with shopping gadgets.

Siri Gadget Shopping

How To Get Siri Help You Shop For Gadgets

Wolfram Alpha has now announced a new shopping-aid feature built around Best Buy’s product catalog APIs. This implies that Siri can now be used to browse over 35,000 appliances and electronics. Amazing!

You must be thinking of finding out some method with which you can access this feature. Well, its really easy. Just activate Siri from your iPhone and say “Wolfram TVs” or “Wolfram Tablets.” The accompanying search term can be swapped for many others while looking for a number of products.

Siri Gadget Shopping

The feature can really work but it has come with a few cons. Take the example of the search which doesn’t populate any web links, it is simply a search. Also the queries for small products like movies or games don’t seem to return any valuable results.

Though it might be a bit preschool right now, but Wolfram’s Best Buy integration could be a sign of things to come. Imagine people using Siri to search for restaurant menus or movie times. Many big things are being expected from the amazing Apple’s assistant in the future.

If Siri keeps on improving the way it has been, it could in a short time become a real competitor to the entrenched search engines out there. Google are you watching ?

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