How To Get Featured on Tumblr Radar

For any Tumblr user, Tumblr Radar is just like a prize that is granted by the Tumblr team only if your Tumblelog is getting popularity due to some outstanding credentials that you have. By getting featured on the Tumblr Radar, you can exponentially increase the visibility of your Tumblog as items on the Tumblr Radar are visible to millions of Tumblr users. In this article we will explain how to get featured on Tumblr Radar.

What does Tumblr Radar mean?

Tumblr Radar is just an editorial post review that is posted daily on your Tumblelog by the Tumblr team. This usually consists of a photo post which is already popular and has an above average quality in terms of its uniqueness or information content. Now you must be thinking does this happen automatically or someone approves it. In fact the exact criteria for the selection of a post for Tumblr Radar is not known. If you are considering to get your post submitted to the Tumblr Radar, you shouldnt bother because the selection for Tumblr Radar is not submission based. Tumblr Radar has also been modified a bit in recent times, it is now present in your dashboard sidebar but previously it had a page of its own at

tumblr radar

How To Get Featured on Tumblr Radar

In order to get featured on the Tumblr Radar you would have to wait a while since this happens with time and popularity.

  1. The user needs to have awesome credentials to get featured. If you have a solid expertise in the area of your blog, you can be hopeful about getting featured.
  2. After expertise, the second thing that could get you on Tumblr Radar is uniqueness and the information content of your post. So in order to be featured your post needs to be unique, new and informational to a lot of Tumblr community.
  3. The third criteria is the amount of likes and reblogs that your post gets. In order to start off, one needs to have enough followers of his own. For this purpose, you need to post and post well on Tumblr regularly. The more followers that you get, the more would be your chances of getting a large number of reblogs and likes for that one lucky post.
  4. Though Tumblarity has been taken away by the Tumblr team, it is still of much importance. The Tumblr team can still keep a track of the popularity of posts by keeping a proper stats of the user’s followers, his reblogs and likes.
Have a look at the Tumblr radar archives to get a sense of what gets featured and what not. In addition to this having a look at the archives will also make you understand the average no of followers, reblogs and likes of the featured content which would surely help you in evaluating your chances of being featured.
In general, getting featured on Tumblr Radar is no rocket science, its just a matter of sharing exciting new content and getting lucky.

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