How to Find Out Who Unfriend You On Facebook

You may have noticed that your Facebook friends count may decrease when you log in to your account. If you have hundreds of friends, it is common to experience a drop of one or two friends frequently. Naturally, you may want to know about the friends who dropped you from their friends list, but unfortunately knowing about them when you have hundreds of friends is not an easy task. Even though, there is no notification from Facebook about the friends who unfriend you, there are still some ways that can make it possible for you to know about people who removed you from their friends list. In this article we will explain how to find out who unfriend you on Facebook.

 unfriend Facebook

Twenty Feet

One of the common ways to know about your ex-friends on Facebook is to connect your Facebook profile to an external app known as Twenty Feet. The process is simple as Twenty Feet will create a log of all profiles that are added in your profile as a friend as soon as you connect it with your Facebook profile. Twenty Feet creates a new log every day and update your profile log daily. By checking your daily profile log on Twenty Feet, you can easily identify your ex-friends and it can also help you in keeping you updated about your Facebook friends.

Twenty feet

You may lose a friend on Facebook due to two common reasons, one possibility is that your old friend deleted his/her profile from the Facebook and the other is that your friend simply deleted you from her/his friends list due to some reason. If you also want to know about your twitter friends list, you can use Twenty Feet for both Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Twenty Feet offers both free and paid premium accounts. If you just want to keep a record check of your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can use the free account of Twenty Feet easily but If you want to use additional features for your online business, you may need a premium account that costs 2.49 dollars for each account yearly.

Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder is not an external site but a simple script that can be used by any Facebook user to keep track of friends who drop you from their friends list. As soon as you install this script, it will display all your ex-friends in a list who removed you from their friends list. Even though, Facebook do not provide any such information to its users, this script enables you to find those friends who remove you from their friends list.

unfriend finder

How to Use Unfriend Finder

If you want to use the Unfriend finder script, you may have to follow these simple steps. So far, the unfriend finder script is only compatible with Firefox so first thing you may need is to install and use Firefox.

  1. Greasemonkey: First step is to download and install Greasemonkey on your system. Restart your browser (Firefox) once installation is done.
  2. Unfriend Finder Script: After installing Greasemonkey, install unfriend finder script.unfriend finder script
  3. Log in to Your Facebook Account: Now, log in to your Facebook account. If you have installed unfriend finder script successfully in the previous step, you should see a welcome message on your Facebook profile by unfriend finder.
  4. Configure the script: You may click ‘options’ to further configure your unfriend finder script. You can change the configuration of unfriend finder any time in future by going to Account > Settings.
  5. Additional features of Unfriend Finder: It not only notifies you when someone removes you from his/her friends list, but it also alerts you whenever someone declines or accepts your friend request. Another additional feature of unfriend finder is that it alerts you whenever any of your friends delete/deactivate or reactivate his/her profile on Facebook.unfriend finder alerts
  6. Unfriend list: Now, you can view the names of your ex-friends who removed you from their friends list by clicking unfriend link in your menu bar. You can also view the count in the menu bar right beside the unfriend link.unfriends list

These are two common ways to find your ex-friends on Facebook. If you have any query about the topic or want to add some information, let us know by commenting below.

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