How to Delete Pictures from Photo Stream and iCloud

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For users who have set up iCloud with iOS 5, the photos are hosted online on and can be streamed via Photo Stream to your current iPhone or other iDevices. Although, you can delete the pictures at any moment you want to. Apple removes those photos automatically after 30 days or if you have exceeded 1000 uploaded images.

How to Delete Pictures from Photo Stream and iCloud

If you want to delete the photos stored in iCloud manually, you can do so by performing the following steps.

  • First you need to login to by using your Apple ID
  • Now look at your name placed in the upper right corner of iCloud window.
  • Now click on “Advanced”
  • Now click on “Reset Photo Stream”

The message window displayed below about “Reset Photo Stream” asks to remove all photos from iCloud. This action will not delete any photos from your devices or computers. It means, that whether the picture is taken by using an iPhone or any other device, the picture will be available until or unless you manually delete from the Photos app. Resetting Photo Stream will actually delete the photos from “Photo Stream” folder and from iCloud.


What this means is that if a picture was taken on an iPhone, it will continue to be in your standard camera roll in the Photos app, but will be deleted from the “Photo Stream” folder, and from iCloud.

If you are to secure more space in your iCloud, you should start thinking about purchasing an upgraded plan in iCloud. The plans start from $20/year for 15GB storage space. In order to upgrade this just make sure that your photos, apps, iTunes music, do not add up to the free plan of 5GB available in iCloud storage space.

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