How To Remove Store Button From The Music App in iPhone

Apple has used its portable devices as a real leverage to spur the growth of its music sales on iTunes. iTunes has been deeply integrated in all Apple devices whether it be iPod, iPhone or iPad. Whenever you will open up your music album you would be able to see the “Store” on the top left. This at times could be annoying. In this article we will explain how to remove store button from the music app in iPhone.

This button can be very much useful for those who have constant obsession of listening to the music. But for those who listen to music only occasionally whenever they want to relax, the Store button could become an irritant. There could be times when the occasional music listeners would press this button by mistake. Doing this would directly take them to the iTunes store online.

For all those who want to get rid of this button they should go for a Jailbreak tweak for Jailbroken devices. The tweak is called NoStoreButton which ensures that the store button does not bother users again.

It’s not necessary that this is done by only those who hate iTunes but for all who get bothered by this button often, the NoStoreButton could be a blessing.

Those who are interested in getting the NoStoreButton jailbreak tweak, can get it for free from Cydia.

via iDB

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  1. Thank you! This was very ANNOYING!

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