iPhone Siri Guidebook: The Complete List of Siri Tips, Tricks and How-to Tutorials

iPhone Siri

Siri is an amazing feature in iPhone 4S. The virtual personal assistant is ages ahead of its competition. When you first get your hand on iPhone 4S you might you Siri the way any novice would do. But Siri can do a lot more than just setting up alarms and reminders. In order to enable you to get the most out of Siri, we’ve put together this guidebook which is a comprehensive list of every tip, trick, and how-to tutorial. The guidebook contains around 35 how-to tips and tricks regarding Siri, so read on to start using Siri like a pro.

Note: This guidebook is a work in progress and we will continue to update it with more tips and tricks as and when they are found. So you may want to book this page for future reference.

Table of Contents:

Siri Commands

  1. Siri Dictation Commands Guide – All You Need to Know.
  2. Top 10 Ways to Use Siri.
  3. Top 10 Secret Siri Commands.
  4. Basic Siri Commands You Need to Know to Improve Your Interaction With iPhone 4S.
  5. Top 10 Tricks to Use Siri With Wolfram Alpha.
  6. Three Useful Siri Tips for iPhone 4S.
  7. Make Use of Siri for Text Entry on Mac with Air Dictate.
  8. How To Get Siri Dictation On iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS Right Now With Siri0us (Jailbreak).

Siri How-To Guides

  1. How To Get Siri Help You Shop For Gadgets.
  2. How to Control Siri From Across the Room (IRIS 9000)
  3. How to make Siri Dictate to PC and Mac.
  4. How to Create and Edit a Shared Shopping List on iPhone Using Siri.
  5. How to Make Siri Compose and Read Emails for You on iPhone.
  6. How to Control Mac OS X with Siri.
  7. How to Add Tasks to Remember the Milk on iPhone With Siri.
  8. How to Add Phonetic Spellings to a Contact Name For Siri.
  9. How to Turn Off iPhone Alarms With Siri.
  10. How to Install Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4G.
  11. How to Create a Shopping List on iPhone Using Siri.
  12. How to Instantly Launch Apps on iPhone With Siri.
  13. How to Remove a Relationship Created by Siri.
  14. How to Add Relationships to Your iPhone Contacts Using Siri.
  15. How to Make Siri Call You in Your Own Dialect.
  16. How to Launch Siri on iPhone Without Pressing the Home Button.
  17. How to Send Tweets and Facebook Status Updates From iPhone With Siri.
  18. How to Access Bluetooth on iPhone With Siri.
  19. How to Create an Un-Dated To-Do List Using Siri.
  20. How to Change Siri’s Voice From Girl To Guy and Vice-Versa.
  21. How to Make Siri Read Selected Text on iPhone 4S.

Siri App Integrations

  1. How to Add Notes to Evernote on iPhone Using Siri.
  2. Siri Hacked to Control Home Thermostat.
  3. Siri Hacked to Run on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.
  4. Siri Can Start Your Car.
  5. iPhone 4S Hack Allows You To Control Siri Using Your Brain.
  6. Siri Hack Enable it to Control Plex Media Playback on a TV.
  7. H1Siri Ports Siri to iPhone 4 using an illegal Hack.
  8. Siri Hack Now Allows it to Control Home TV.
  9. Spire: A Functional and Legal Jailbreak Tweak Ports Siri To iPhone 4, 3GS.

Siri Issues

  1. Top 3 Disappointing Siri Features.
  2. How to Solve Siri’s Failure to Make Calls Issue.
  3. How to Fix Siri Trouble Connecting to the Network Issue.


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