How To Make Your Tumblr Blog Look Better With Premium Themes

We all know that when a theme of your own choice is applied to any interface, it makes the site look less dull and more attractive thus enabling the user to feel comfy. Themes for blogs are an essential and integral part of blogs. Themes help avail benefits such as SEO optimization, zero inclusion of plug-ins, auto-support for parts such as forums and auto updates to facilitate the working. Although the free themes do a lot, the premium themes do even more. Paid themes further enable the user to get assured of the blog authority, security and individuality.

For all those who have a Tumblr blog, there is a huge variety of Premium Themes available there. These are highly recommended as they really make an excellent use of all the available features and utilities. In this article we will explain how to make your Tumblr blog look better with premium themes.

Some Benefits of Premium Themes

Some of the themes are so professional looking that they change your blog into an impressive portfolio or more like a cinematography site featuring animations and transitions. Despite the availability of free themes, one should not compromise on his reputation by compromising on their aesthetic sense. These Premium themes make your Tumblr blog look better than ever before.

So let’s take a look at the steps of choosing the Premium Theme for your Tumblr Blog in a short while.

How To Make Your Tumblr Blog Look Better With Premium Themes

Starting with the search, it is vital that you look for the best Premium Theme for your Tumblr Blog. The premium themes for Tumblr are available at This is the URL of the Tumblr blog theme garden which can be accessed any time.


From the link provided above, you can preview all the Premium themes along with their rates. Try to look for themes that are designed according to the domain specification as well as try to base the criteria of selection on more of its unique features. A theme matching the concept of your blog would be a good fit. You can get any of the Premium Themes at a price range of $9 to $49.

When you have chosen the perfect theme for your blog, click to see its preview. Preview will help you decide whether it really is good for the blog or not.


Sometimes there is no change on the layout of posts but the sections such as description and header can be customized from your blog even after the purchase. Click on the tab Appearance to know more about the selected theme and its features.


The premium theme selected can also be previewed from the customization page by going to the Dashboard, clicking customize (on the left) and select Theme (tab).


It should be noted here that the Premium themes are always listed first in your Dashboard.

Making the purchase to get Premium Theme and customizing your blog

You can make the purchase by clicking the tab Purchase Theme.


You will be prompted by the message box asking you to enter the credit card info. After entering the info, click Next.


On seeing the card’s last four digits on the popup, continue the purchase and click Confirm to buy the theme.

The payment processing might take some time after which you can alwas get back to the regular Dashboard.

In order to apply the new purchased theme to your blog, click save and close to apply the changes.

Explore the Appearance tab options and customize this theme again by changing its colors or fonts.



If you want to make code-related changes, then select the Theme tab and click the Edit HTML button present at its bottom.


The purchased theme will only apply to the blog that you have purchased it for. If you need to have different themes for your blog, then there is no other way but to buy each blog a specific theme.

Visit for more tips and tricks on enhancing your Tumblr experience.

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