iPad Guidebook: The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks and How-to Tutorials


Playing around with your iPad is fun, but it is more fun if you know different trips and tricks about its default apps and some fascinating features. Just like an iPhone, the iPad can bring more fun and enhance your life due to its versatile features and out of box approach. For example, if you are planning to go to the cinema for a good movie, just pick up your iPad, watch trailers of new movies, search cinemas that are showing that movie, than track the location of the cinema and book your tickets, all by using your iPad. This is why iPad is considered as the most innovative and versatile device of our time. It provides you with value and quick access to the information.

When you first get your iPad, you may use it as you see others using it or according to the guidance provided by other users, but following the herd is no approach for getting fun out of your iPad. If you like to play with your device, keep reading this article to know about 99 how-to tips and tricks about using your iPad. These tricks will help you in understanding about how to change the behavior of operating system and default apps of iPad. It will help you to use your device according to your style and will help you in pulling out more functionality out of default apps and operating system of your iPad.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Find Out Directions While Traveling on iPad
  2. How to Share your Location on iPad
  3. How to Drop a Pin on iPad Maps App
  4. How to Get Bus Times on iPad
  5. How to Get Instant Traffic Report on iPad
  6. How to Get Turn by Turn Driving Directions on iPad
  7. How to Pause App Downloads in iPad
  8. How to View Large Text in iPad
  9. How to Perform a Double-Tap Zoom in iPad
  10. How to Activate VoiceOver in iPad
  11. How to Avoid Problematic Auto corrections  in iPad
  12. How to Close, Open or Pause Apps in iPad
  13. How to Prolong Battery Life of iPad
  14. How to Disable Keyboard Clicking on iPad
  15. How to use Fetch instead of Push in iPad
  16. How to Rearrange Your iPad App Icons
  17. How to Use Playback Controls in iPad
  18. How to Personalize the Home and Lock Screen of your iPad
  19. How to Create Folders to Store App Icons on iPad
  20. How to use Spotlight Search in iPad
  21. How to Setup a Bluetooth Keyboard with iPad
  22. How to Create Web Clips in iPad
  23. How to Send Automatic Email Notifications from your iPad
  24. How to Keep Your iPad Updated
  25. How to Disable Location Services on iPad
  26. How to Disable iPod Apps Equalizer on iPad
  27. How to Turn Off Auto Brightness Feature on iPad
  28. How to prolong iPad Battery Lifespan
  29. How to view Bookmarks Bar in iPad
  30. How to create a complex Passcode for security in iPad
  31. How to Enable Parental Controls in iPad
  32. How to Stop iPad from Connecting to Each and Every WiFi Network
  33. How to create a backup of your iPad
  34. How to Encrypt Your iPad Backup
  35. How to use Wireless Sync option in iPad
  36. How to Send Secure Emails from iPad
  37. How to Use the AutoFill Feature in iPad
  38. How to use Password Protection in iPad
  39. How to add more Apps to your Dock in iPad
  40. How to quickly highlight paragraphs in iPad
  41. How to Quickly Mute your iPad
  42. How to Create a Playlist in iPad
  43. How to Clear your Browsing History on iPad
  44. How to Copy and Paste Texts between Apps on iPad
  45. How to remove unwanted apps from iPad
  46. How to unfreeze your iPad
  47. How to unfreeze your iPad by hard reset
  48. How to save web images in iPad
  49. How to take a Screen Grab on iPad
  50. How to Quickly Scroll to the Top in iPad
  51. How to batch-edit emails in iPad
  52. How to use AirPrint in iPad
  53. How to subscribe to calendar in iPad
  54. How to Rename Folders in iPad
  55. How to Access Google StreetView in Maps on iPad
  56. How to lock your Screen Orientation in iPad
  57. How to change the side switch functions in iPad
  58. How to activate caps lock in iPad Keyboard
  59. How to Sync Other Mail in iPad
  60. How to use Find and Replace Text in iPad
  61. How to Access a Secret Apostrophe in iPad
  62. How to Get an Instant Quotation Mark in iPad
  63. How to Customize Push Notifications in iPad
  64. How to Turn Off Predictive Text in iPad
  65. How to Access Websites Quicker with your iPad
  66. How to Activate Ping in iPad
  67. How to Add Songs Lyrics to the iPod App on your iPad
  68. How to Rewind or Fast Forward Quickly in iPod App on iPad
  69. How to Get a New Tab Window in iPad
  70. How to Control iPod Sound in iPad
  71. How to Create a Genius Playlist in iPad
  72. How to Search for Words in WebPages on iPad
  73. How to Disable Email Alert Sound in iPad
  74. How to Get Larger Email Preview in iPad
  75. How to Turn Off Push Mail in iPad
  76. How to Remove Unwanted Photos from your iPad
  77. How to Use Slideshow on Your iPad
  78. How to Update Your Apps in iPad
  79. How to Watch Full Screen Youtube Videos in iPad
  80. How to Add Friends in Game Center on iPad
  81. How to Get More Game Center Games on iPad
  82. How to Play Games with Online Friends on iPad
  83. How to turn your iPad into a Digital Photo Frame
  84. How to Access Flash Content on iPad
  85. How to Stream a Podcast in iPad
  86. How to Transfer Purchased items to iPad
  87. How to Access Useful Information About Your iPad
  88. How to Customize Spotlight Search to Search Faster on iPad
  89. How to Add a Signature to Email in iPad
  90. How to Add PDF Files to iBooks on iPad
  91. How to Delete All Data in iPad
  92. How to Watch Live TV on iPad
  93. How to Share Files With Dropbox on iPad
  94. How to Move Apps between Screens on iPad
  95. How to Manage Your Home Screen on iPad
  96. How to Change Color of Your Text and its Background on iPad
  97. How to Setup Triple-Click Home Button in iPad
  98. How to Use Special Characters on iPad Keyboard
  99. How to Use the iPad Guide


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