How to Remove the Settings App Badge From a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

With the arrival of OTA (Over-the air) updates, Apple has provided its usebase a considerable handiness in exploring the iPhone or iPad. As a result, you get two major benefits i.e. you dont have to always be infront of your computer to update the iOS. This is further supported by the fact that recent updates are quite smaller as compared to the previous ones, so you they wont need much time even if you update your iOS over the air.

You might have previously experienced that OTA updates, on the flip side, cause to create a frustrating situation for Jailbreakers as well as for potential Jailbreakers. Besides the fact that almost all Jailbreakers stay away from OTA updates like the plague, potential Jailbreakers (i.e. those having iPhone 4S) are also just avoiding, and desperately waiting for an untethered Jailbreak in the near future.

It seems useless to say that the iPhone 4S Jailbreak is taking more time to get completed.In order to aggravate the situation, Apple is now thrusting annoying notification badges on the Settings App just the same as a prompt indicating that a delta update for iOS 5.0.1 is now available to be downloaded and installed.

However, this gets out of vogue very fast, particularly if you are not planning on ever updating with the OTA mode. Much to your surprise, a new Jailbreak tweak has been introduced namely noOTA badge that really helps getting rid of the cranky notification badge on Settings app.

The video embedded below explains how you can download and use the noOTA badge to remove OTA notifications from your screen.


via iDownloadBlog

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