How to Take Panorama Photos in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5

Panorama photo is a special kind of photo that captures elongated field of view. The trick is only possible using specialized software. It seems that Apple has developed this functionality in iOS 5. However, it is not refined enough to fulfil Apple’s standards for public release. This is why the functionality is not released to normal iPhone or iPad users.

For people who have managed to jailbreak their iPhone and iPad on iOS 5, we are about to show you a really fascinating trick that will allow you to take Panorama photos using your iPhone or iPad camera.

How to Take Panorama Photos in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5:

Follow these instructions to learn how to enable  panoramic camera mode in iOS 5.

Step 1
First of all, get your iDevice Jailbroken.

Step 2
From your Springboard, open Cydia and select Sections from the tab bar.
Step 3

From the list of Sections, tap on to select Tweaks.

Step 4

From the of packages, tap on to select Firebreak.

Step 5
At the top right of your screen, tap on the Install button.

Step 6
Tap on the Confirm button in order to start the process of installation.

Step 7
After the successful completion of the installation process, tap on the large button of ‘Restart SpringBoard‘.

Step 8
Now, that your SpringBoard has been re-started, tap on to open Camera.

Step 9
To put forth panoramic camera mode, press the Options button and press Panorama.

That’s it, you can now swipe your iPhone across to take a Panorama photo.

via iClarified

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