How To Send Messages to iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Using iCloud

Messages could now be sent to the remote Apple gear by the two latest features namely iCloud and Find My iPhone. This message would come in the form of a notification in iOS 5 and a pop-up window in Mac OS X. Someone using your hardware could be surprised by you sending a quick message through this application. The pinging sound of the notification would play consistently till it is acknowledged. So you can say that no notification can go unnoticed. For iPad or iPhone, you would have to have iOS 5 and iCloud enabled, while Mac requires OS X 10.7.2+. However, it should be noted that all hardware should share the same iCloud ID.

How To Send Messages to iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Using iCloud:

Sending a message on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook is quite similar but we are going to guide you through the steps considering a message sending to MacBook.

  • Login to
  • Click on the tab Find My iPhone which will work for Mac, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • A menu will appear on the left showing the list of all the devices that are compatible with it. The list will have the title of My Devices. A map will also show the exact location of the device.
  • Find My Mac control panel for the device will appear after clicking the blue ’i’ button. The name should be pressed even if you are trying it for an iPhone or iPod. Click on the button, Play Sound or Send Message.
  • Write down your message in the given text box and click Send. Play Sound can be switched on or off as it totally depends on whether you want to hear the loud pinging sound or not till the message has been sent and the notification gets acknowledged.

It sends messages in a jiffy. It will show as a pop up message at the screen top from user’s side whereas the iCloud account of the sender will receive a confirmation in the email attached.

It wins you bonus points if the message is for the loved one or someone really dear to you. A mild nudge to a buddy slash roommate, crazy for Temple Run and always seen with his iPad, will also get you bonus.

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