How to Create and Use Text Shortcuts in iPhone and iPad on iOS 5

There have been many Jailbreaking tweaks, which you can find on many online websites. One of the most interesting and astounding Jailbreak tweaks Xpandr, is a decent yet powerful Jailbreaking tool. It is a simple tool that enables you to create a library of different shortcuts for snippets of texts which can be used in different URLs, predefined texts, addresses etc.

Since, iOS 5 has not been Jailbroken yet, which apparently means you cannot use the Xpandr anymore. But, fortunately, Apple was inspired by this tweak and therefore introduced this tweak as an inbuilt feature in iOS 5. Continue reading the posts to know how to create and use text shortcuts in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.

iOS 5 has unlocked a new feature which enables you to create a shortcut for specific text actions like signature in an email, URL links and other text snippets that you tend to use again and again. So, instead of writing the words each time you can assign a shortcut function through this feature to perform the same action with just a few taps.

iPhone Text Shortcuts

Here in the screenshot above we have assigned a shortcut of ‘drv’ to the phrase ‘I’m driving right now. I’ll call you later’. Now each time we will write drv on our text area, it would automatically be expanded to I’m driving right now. I’ll call you later.

You can give the short forms to practically countless phrases which can save your time.

How to Create and Use Text Shortcuts in iPhone and iPad on iOS 5:

There is no simple task than assigning a shortcut to it:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Goto General
  • Tap on Keyboard
  • Tap on Shortcuts
  • Now tap on “+” icon
  • Add a phrase and assign a shortcut for this.
  • You are done!

Now you may start using these assigned shortcuts anywhere while writing in your iPhone or iPad. iOS 5 will automatically replace the shortcut with the associated word or phrase or URL etc.

Please provide your feedback, to help regarding this feature, by posting a comment.

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