How to Make Siri Compose and Read Emails For You on iPhone

Apple surprised the world by launching Siri. One additional feature that is now present in iPhone 4S is VoiceOver. VoiceOver reads aloud any item that is touched by the user. In this article we will explain how you can use Siri and VoiceOver together to make Siri compose and read emails for you on iPhone.

How to turn VoiceOver On:

Find the VoiceOver menu and toggle under the Settings > General > Accessibility menu. Instead of turning it on permanently, however, scroll to the bottom of Accessibility menu to Triple-click Home and then set it to Toggle VoiceOver in order to switch it off and on.


For all those who are visually impaired VoiceOver is definitely a fabulous feature. VoiceOver is designed to read text (say a paragraph in an email) when it is touched on the screen. Flicking your finger right or left will let the audible VoiceOver read next or previous paragraph for you. 

How to Make Siri Compose and Read Emails For You on iPhone

Let’s explore how Siri can compose and read emails for you. Before you proceed, you should setup the Triple-click Home setting to toggle to turn VoiceOver on and off.

  • Trigger Siri by pressing and holding the home button, then ask for emails, “Siri check email”
  • When the new emails are put on view on the Siri screen, tap one to unlock the Mail app and then go to that message
  • Triple-click the Home button to toggle VoiceOver on
  • Scroll through the paragraphs and have VoiceOver read the email loudly (one finger flick to the right for multiple paragraphs)
  • Triple-click the Home button to toggle VoiceOver off
  • Activate Siri and say Reply to create a new email by dictating to Siri

siri email

There are additional instructions and settings for VoiceOver in the Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver menu (such as rate, pitch, etc.) to personalize this Siri twin to your taste.

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  1. FYI… For fans of both email AND Siri… The free iPhone app called “Talkler” DOES read emails aloud, the way that Siri won’t. It even understands spoken commands for hands-free. It’s billed as ’email for your ears.’ Here’s the page: Hope that helps!

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