How to Improve iPhone and iPad Notification Center with IntelliScreenX

If there’s one thing we would like to highlight on your iOS 5 devices, it would be the new Notification Center features. Finally, we have got hold of the near final beta version of IntelliScreenX, which certainly is amongst the most awaited jailbreak apps that seamlessly works with iOS 5 Notification Center.

IntelliScreenX provides you with new and improved ways to interact with your Notification Center. IntelliScreenX has a new pull-down menu, which literally shows you all the notifications.

That’s not all, you can access Twitter, Facebook, RSS and email with convenience. IntelliScreenX allows you to communicate and post updates and status messages on Twitter and Facebook without leaving the Notification Center. Even better, you can do a lot of this even when the screen is locked.

Here’s a full preview on how to improve iPhone and iPad Notification Center with IntelliScreenX.

In the past, we have found another similar app like IntelliScreenX, called Lock Info. Though there may be users out there who dig the features of LockInfo and the creativity of its developers, LockInfo implements much the same features albeit in a complicated way.

Apparently, with the IntelliScreenX, two-way communication method is excellent. Once tested, you can actually see how everything has become so easy, quick, fun and spontaneous. Your Twitter timeline is pushed in real time and in just a swipe your RSS Feeds are updated. Facebook and email works similarly in perspective.

IntelliScreenX will definitely work for those who have found Notification Center to be part of their daily routine. The features will come out naturally as you get used to it. If you’ve been working every day and can’t get your fingers off your iPhone, the IntelliScreenX will be perfect for you.

If you want to get your hands on this app, you can purchase it at ModMyi repo for $9.99. You can also avail a free trial to see how it goes on your device.

Have you tried the IntelliScreenX ? Do share your thoughts with us.

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